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Ep. 121: Women In Climbing Panel Live from the 2018 CWA Summit

While I like to think that all of our discussions here are important, some are just plain bigger picture than others. This one falls into the bigger picture category. 

Recorded live at the 2018 CWA Summit, the Women in Climbing discussion brought up many great points and offered several learning opportunities for everyone present. Special thanks to all of the panelists and to the CWA, particularly Emily Moore and Laura Allured, for allowing me to broadcast this discussion. 

The discussion was moderated by Renee DeAngelis, and included Lynn Hill, Shelma Jun, Halcy Webster, Sophia Danenberg, Stephanie Ko Pound, and Becca Droz. 

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Ep. 120: Board Meetings | Top 5 Reasons Why The Pros Are Better Than You

For most of you reading this, the truth is that the pros are better than you. Why? Are they special in some way? Some of them don't even "train"! How the hell did they get so good? 

Nate and I sit down after recording several other episodes and drinking several beers, to discuss the top 5 reasons why the pros are so good. Some reasons you can use to improve your own climbing, some that just depend on your situation. 

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We don't tweet. We scream like eagles. 

Ep 119: Breaking Through with Brian Antheunisse

Dark Horse, Climber's Climber, Undercover Crusher - whatever you want to call it - today's guest Brian Antheunisse may be it. If you don't closely follow the comp scene or deviate from the typical climbing news cycle, that is. But if you pay attention, you know and respect the name.

I've been aware of Brian for quite some time, and got the chance to sit down with him and discuss his on and off 9 year epic battle with the Fred Nicole testpiece Esperanze (V14). Finding a nemesis in V14 is really not much different than finding one in your first V4. The same lessons, the same frustrations, and maybe, just maybe, the same elation. 

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Ep. 118: The Best Hangboard Protocol with Eva Lopez

Today's guest needs absolutely no introduction, but I'm honored to introduce her anyway. She is famed Spanish researcher, coach and climber Eva Lopez. We sat down in Salt Lake City to discuss the reactions to her research about finger strength, and to find out once and for all, What is the best hangboard protocol? 

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