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Episode 45: Aggressive Creativity with Jason Kehl


We all like to call climbing an art form, but very few of us take it to the high degree that Jason Kehl does.  From his haircut to his hold lines, his videos to his gym designs, Jason is anything but conventional, and that's exactly why he's so compelling.  I needed to know what fueled his creativity, wanted to dig into his process, and secretly just had to see his home wall.   He's been incredibly successful at rolling all of his interests into one brand... something I've tried hard to emulate, and I appreciate how through it all he's kept true to himself, his vision, and his integrity.  That's not an easy task.

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Episode 44: Board Meetings | Top 2 Plateau Breakers


The gang's all here, again!  Our 2nd OFFICIAL full team meeting.  Episode 33, Our Top 2 Sources of Information, was the first.  If you haven't listened to that one... GO DO IT.  

In this episode, Paul, Blake, Nate and I discuss the top 2 ways we break through plateaus.  Whether it's mental or physical, unless you're a mutant, you've gotten stuck.  That upward trajectory has slowed to a grinding halt, and you don't know what to do.  Well, we have some advice.  

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Episode 43: Jonah Durham is a Not So Average Joe


Jonah Durham has been very aptly described as "the sweetest kid ever".  You could also call him a crusher.  Either way, nobody that has spent time with Jonah will argue.  

During my recent 9 month roadtrip I ran into Jonah in several climbing areas.  We recorded a conversation while in Hueco Tanks this winter after I noticed an interesting contrast of sorts in Jonah's climbing.  A few weeks ago in Lander, Jonah sat down with me again for an update on how his own, much longer trip is going, and to discuss exactly what it is that makes him a Not So Average Joe.  

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