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Episode 3: Coming Back Stronger with Rannveig Aamodt

Rannveigcoverimagesmall.jpgVery excited to bring this talk to you!  In this episode I sit down with my good friend Rannveig Aamodt, a Norwegian climber and model, and talk about her impressive road to recovery after a terrible accident.  In 2012 she took a 50 foot groundfall in Turkey, with only herself to blame.  We go deep into how that affected her mentality and her psyche to return to climbing, or physical activity in general.  Rannveig does an amazing job of putting into words the process and methods that she used to get back on lead, and now she's back to climbing even harder than she did before the accident.  So many people will find not only inspiration, but new methods to use in their struggles with fear, be it fear of falling, of failure, of the unknown, or whatever.

Find Rannveig online:  
And this is the single image that I find so compelling, that says so much about Rannveig and her spirit.
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