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Kyle O‘Meara | Intentional Mentorship

In an Instagram post announcing that he had accepted the head coach position at The Climbing Academy, Kyle O’Meara wrote “I love the way we each find our own path in this sport. Some of us crave higher performance and chase the next level forever. Others seek an adventure where discovery and creativity are the primary focus. Most fall somewhere in the middle. We can ALL go further and bigger no matter what end goal inspires our personal pursuit, and if we’re enjoying the process, appreciating the journey, and smiling lots along the way, then that probably counts as ‘winning’.”

Climbing is an individual thing. What drives me may not be the same thing that drives you, and that’s ok.

While mentorship is, on it’s surface, a noble pursuit - it can often go wrong. Mentors are human and are just as prone as the rest of us to overvalue their own selfish ideas - and then pass them on to the next generation without much thought toward necessary change or evolution of those ideas.

Personally, I admire most the mentors and thinkers who work hard to directly engage with this unavoidable evolution. The ones who simultaneously continue their own growth. That interaction, even more than advancing the grades we climb, is what allows progress to happen and continue.

Mentorship isn’t dead. We just need more mentors like Kyle.

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What When How to Train | Smith Rock | Featuring Justin Brown

Smith Rock, about 30 minutes outside of Bend, Oregon is a destination that should be on every sport climbers list of places to visit. It’s the birthplace of American sport climbing and home of the first 5.14 in the country, To Bolt or Not To Be. Beside that, our guest on this episode of the What When How to Train podcast series, local Justin Brown, claims that it’s the best example of this technical, old school style in THE WORLD.
That’s a big claim, but Justin, owner of Rhino Skin Solutions, stands by it. Littered with small edges, pockets, and horrible feet, most routes at Smith provide options for all sizes of climber to find their way through the devious technical sequences.

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The Downgrading of Bibliographie from 15d to 15c

Stefano Ghisolfi recently made the 2nd ascent of Bibliographie, a proposed 15d (9c) first done by Alex Megos in Ceuse, France. This would have made Stefano only the 3rd person to climb the grade - behind the two climbers widely considered as the best in the world. But Stefano chose to say that the route isn’t 15d after all, but 15c (9b+). Why?

In this episode, Nate and I discuss grades, downgrading, egos, pressure, and how these two climbers handled the situation in an incredibly mature, progressive way. But is it the best way? Does it matter?

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Terrible Climbing Advice That’s Actually Great

In this Board Meeting, Nate and I sit down to discuss the many pieces of advice that, when actually looked at, make no real sense, but simultaneously make all of the sense in the world. It's easy to ignore catch phrases and cliches, but if this episode helps you stop and think the next time you hear one - and as a result you actually change your behavior accordingly - WIN. 

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Cody Kaemmerlen | Climb United

A quick look at Cody Kaemmerlen’s Linked In profile reveals this bio: Lives by simple beliefs; advocate for the underrepresented and oppressed, use your privilege with honor and be aggressively kind.

More than anyone I’ve ever met, Cody lives by these words. He’s a passionate advocate for what he believes in - somehow without coming off as pushy - and as soon as I saw him announced as Director for The American Alpine Club’s new initiative Climb United, I knew I wanted to talk to him. His position seems impossible, but if there’s anyone who I believe can find and hold onto the hope and possibility within it, it’s Cody. 

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The Great Equalizer | American Climbing Project Ep 2 Preview

Today we've got a special teaser for Episode 2 of Devin Dabney's American Climbing Project - The Great Equalizer. Listen to this and then go listen to Episode 1!!

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Blake Cason, MS | Wellness and Habits for Climbing Performance

Climbing has never been a purely physical pursuit. Even if that is the initial draw, climbing has a way of pulling your mental and emotional states in, utilizing and amplifying them, and ultimately, if you arrive with awareness, helping you understand those states better. All while we get to try as absolutely hard as we want to. Beautiful.

In this episode I get the opportunity to sit down with Blake Cason and discuss the intersection of our climbing and the rest of our lives, and how our habits and lifestyle off the wall can affect our performance on the wall.

Blake is a climber and great conversationalist who holds a Master’s degree in Health Behavior and Education, is founder of Pivot Wellness, where she is available for Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching, and an expert in habit setting.

Blake is also one of the founders of ClimbWell, a retreat dedicated to the intersection of rock climbing, wellness, and intentional life design. Their latest retreat offering (in RIFLE!!) is open for registration, and you can use the code POWER10 for 10% off!

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What When How to Train | Sport Climbing in the New River Gorge

Nate and I are joined by NRG local Jeremy Rush to discuss the ins and outs of preparing for a trip to what might just be the best sport climbing area in the country - the New River Gorge. 

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MC Pete Woods | World Cup Commentating

Our guest today is THE Canadian event MC - Pete Woods. He's a coach, long time MC of comps in Canada, and recently made his broadcast debut with the IFSC for the Salt Lake World Cups alongside Meagan Martin.

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When to Walk Away | Strategic Quitting


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