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Updates + Melissa Utomo on Sends and Suffers

It's been a hectic few weeks (months) over here, and I wanted to give you all an update on what we've been working on. So many exciting things coming! 

I also wanted to play you a short clip of a podcast episode I recently listened to that needs to get into more ears. Episode 11 of Sends and Suffers with Melissa Utomo - even though I knew of the situation - was eye opening for me. I think you'll want to hear it. 

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Joslynn Corredor | Coaching for a Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’re a regular listener, you may remember the conversation from Episode 106 with trainer Joslynn Corredor about her experience with breast cancer and identity after a double mastectomy.

Since we last spoke, Jos has created a GoFundMe scholarship program for women who are going through similar situations to train with her. We all know that once being an athlete has become part of our identity, having it stripped away can be devastating. Jos aims to restore that identity for other women.

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Paul Piana | Big Walls and Big Dreams

Paul Piana is a legend. There's no debate about that. In this episode Paul and I sit down at my house and discuss his partnership with Todd Skinner and big dreams of big walls. 

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Mario Stanley and Dynell Hunter | Black Joy

This is one of the most special conversations I've ever been a part of. I didn't know what to expect going in, and my emotions surrounding this conversation took some time to work through. 

Thanks to Mario and Dynell for being so open and letting me - and us - into this love fest. 

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Board Meetings | Worst Advice We Got As Beginners

We were all beginners once. Nate and I sit down to recount some of the worst pieces of advice we got as beginners, and what advice we wish we'd gotten instead. 

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Board Meetings | Top 6 Training Myths

Recorded November 2018. Nate and I sit down with our fellow Power Company Coach Paul Corsaro to discuss the top 6 myths we see persisting in the climbing industry. 

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Mr. Clipping Chains | Financial Independence

Chad Andrews doesn't like the word retired - but he doesn't have to work in anymore - in his mid 30's. The way he got here is pretty simple, and he's entirely willing to share his methods. In this episode we discuss a subject that is strangely taboo - money. We look at some of the steps that climbers can take to become more secure with their financial future. 

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Devin Dabney | Show Up As You Are

Devin Dabney is a climber, setter, coach, poet, and rapper. He's a good friend of mine, and two years ago we sat down and recorded this conversation - without a plan and not really knowing what would come out of it. Now felt like the appropriate time to send it out into the world. 

We discuss race, tough conversations, mentorship, and making art. At this time Devin was just beginning to find his voice - one I've been proud to watch evolve and gain momentum. I hope that trend continues. 

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Daniel Woods Used the N-Word in a Video and We’re All Complicit

Your favorite pro likely isn’t held accountable. There are several pro climbers out there who hold THEMSELVES accountable, and do a damned good job of it. But the sponsors, the photographers and filmmakers, their friends and fans - we don’t hold them accountable. We should.

Last week I was shown a video shot and edited by Chad Greedy in 2010, part of which included a young Daniel Woods trying The Game. In the video, we hear Wu-Tang in the background. Chad very casually repeats the lyrics, “Shame on a N**** “ (not singing along, just repeating them back), and Daniel follows suit.

It had nearly 28,000 views. Only one comment about the use of a racist slur. One comment said “best climbing video ever.”

You can see the video at  I post the video not to shame Daniel or the other climbers involved. I post it here to point out how casual it all is. Nobody seems bothered. This is 100% part of the reason why Black climbers don’t feel comfortable at the crag. And then a video was edited - with this clip purposely left in - and they assumed that it was fine to post it on Youtube. WHY?

Because they’ve never had to be accountable.

In this episode Nate and I discuss the timeline of events of contacting sponsors and talking to Daniel, and the thought process we went through - which in itself is problematic. I’ll be unpacking my own thoughts and actions for a while. We went from destructive to constructive to secretive back to constructive. A podcast with Daniel was scheduled, which he ultimately backed out of after realizing he was woefully unprepared. Now here we are.

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Tell your friends. Fuck racism. 

Genevive Walker | Black Voices Matter

Genevive Walker is unapologetic. She knows that it takes all types to make change, and she has the unique ability to be many of those types all at once. 

In this episode I sit down with Genevive in between projecting days in Tensleep, WY - a very white town in a very white state that has no hate crime laws - to discuss racism and the ways it manifests in climbing. And what we can do about it. 

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