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Episode 7: Folding it Over with Carlo Traversi

Episode+7?format=1000wIn this episode I have a short podversation with Carlo Traversi.  You know him as a boulderer, or maybe, if you follow him closely, you know he's been National Sport Climbing Champion.  But that's not all.  He started in Yosemite as a traddie, and plans on taking it back to there.  He calls it "Folding the sport over on itself".  This concept resonates with me, as it's the path that I'm choosing as well.  

Carlo also has a thing or two to say about grades and where bouldering is headed, specialization, and 5.10 offwidths. Uh huh, I said offwidths.  

The Power Company is now my OFFICIAL job, and I'm moving across the country, so I've been lax in getting this episode out, but it's here, and I have lots of conversations planned with trainers and athletes in the coming months.  Yes, including fan favorite Steve Bechtel.  We're about to ramp this thing up, including traveling workshops across the country this summer, so be on the lookout for dates!

OH... and Nate has a few open spots to train with him through our mobile training app, so if you want to get your summer training started so that you can send some shit in the fall, NOW is the time.  You can learn about the plans HERE, or just Click HERE to contact me!

You'll also be seeing new Ebooks hitting the site soon.  The double bell follow up to the popular Kettlebells for Climbers (Single Bell) plan will be hitting the site.  We're working hard on a Movement Ebook, as well as a Core Training guide, so keep your eyes peeled!

And one of these days, if I ever get around to it, I'll be posting tees, tanks, and hoodies up for sale.  Someday!
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