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Episode 14: Being a Multisport Athlete with Charlie Manganiello


In this episode I sit down with strength coach, climber, and multisport athlete Charlie Manganiello, from ClimbStrong, to find out how we can all perform in multiple sports.  Charlie takes a common sense, no bullshit approach to his training and performance, and even though I've chosen to dedicate my energy completely to climbing, I appreciate that candor.  

We can't all climb all the time, and some of us choose not to, even if we could, so we can all learn a little about planning and expectations from this conversation with Charlie.  Even if you're only switching from sport climbing to bouldering, like I do, there is a different approach required, and Charlie's philosophies are applicable.  

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Episode 13: Board Meetings | Top 3 Mistakes We See Being Made


As we've taken our Boulder Better workshops to gyms across the country, we've been able to watch and work with climbers of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and attitudes.  We've seen lots of cool, positive things happen, but we've also seen lots of mistakes being made.  In this episode, Nate and I sit down after drinking a pot of coffee and a bottle of wine, and discuss each other's list of Top 3 Mistakes We See Being Made.  And yes, we now know that the Platypus is not the only venomous mammal.  

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