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Episode 37: Follow the Stoke with Dan Mirsky

For this episode we sat down in the Red River Gorge with coach and trainer Dan Mirsky to talk about the redpoint process, but the conversation went elsewhere, and we uncovered something interesting.  What resulted is a conversation that essentially boils down to: Do what you're motivated and inspired to do, even if it doesn't make sense.  

You can find and work with Dan at The Front Training Room in Salt Lake City, or on the social medias at @danmirsky.  

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Episode 36: Proven Plans with Blake Cash

Today we're releasing our new Proven Plans... an option that lands between our simple eBooks and our completely customized plans.  These Proven Plans allow you to work with us in our mobile app, and they allow us to give you customizations and drills that aren't available in our eBooks.  The eBooks are extremely popular for good reason, but many of us need a more personal interaction and something a little more customized.  The Proven Plans answer that question.  

Our coach Blake Cash does most of the work with clients in the Proven Plan system.  Here, we discuss the plans, how they came about, where their value lies, and what we've learned from them.  

Learn more about our Proven Plan options HERE.  

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Episode 35: Tanner Wilson is a Not So Average Joe

Tanner Wilson is a 22 year old climber from the middle of Ohio who just went on his first extended road trip of over 5 weeks.  Originally he had planned on one big goal, but just before the trip he made a mature decision and changed his mind about what he wanted to accomplish.  Because of the new goals, Tanner learned several important lessons... ones that take most of us many trips and seasons to absorb.  

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Episode 34: What is Success with Dave Chancellor and Yusuf Daneshyar (Live at Climb So iLL)

Our very first live in front of an audience, live streaming on facebook recording!  With the number of things that could have gone wrong, this went REALLY well.  We talk with Dave Chancellor of the famous So iLL brothers, and Yusuf Daneshyar, co owner of the Climb So iLL gym in St. Louis about how we all define success and the different paths we took to get there.  

Thanks to Climb So iLL for having us out and making us feel like family, and thanks to the whole St. Louis community who welcomes us every time with open arms and delicious tacos.  We'll be back.

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