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Episode 42: Common Sense Nutrition with Neely Quinn

If there is a polar opposite of "nutrionist", I'm it.  I blank out immediately when talking the details of nutrition.  Not so with our guest today, Neely Quinn.  Neely is a nutritionist, climber, and host of the TrainingBeta podcast.  I've known Neely for some time, but had never talked nutrition with her.  She spoke at the recent ClimbStrong Coaching Conference, and I appreciated her simple take on how we should all be eating.  I know some of you are like me, and this conversation may prove a little simpler to digest.  Pun intended.  

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Episode 41: Board Meetings | Can Everyone Climb V10?

Another example of the extras that we'll be giving to the patrons!  Nate and I noticed a trending topic online that was causing waves.  Jon Glassberg recently wrote a blog for La Sportiva titled "How To Climb V15".  He begins the article with this statement:  

"My hypothesis: Any climber with an athletic disposition, dedication, time, appropriate training and proper diet can climb V10. Climbing double digits is an attainable goal for any serious climber. You just have to want it badly enough and put in the training hours to get there."

We agree.  Here's why...


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Episode 40: BONUS: Logical Progression Pt 2 with Steve Bechtel

BONUS EPISODE!  We're giving this one to you free as an example of what you could get as a patron of the podcast.  In a month or so we'll be creating 1 or 2 "patron only" episodes as a bonus for our patrons.  If you were thinking about becoming a patron, now is the time!

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Episode 39: Logical Progression Pt. 1 with Steve Bechtel

Honorary Cohost Steve Bechtel has a new book out.  Logical Progression: Using Non Linear Periodization for Year Round Climbing Performance.  If you write your own training plans, and still have a hard time sticking to your plan, this is the book for you.  Steve outlines a deceptively simple way of organizing your training that fits nicely into real lives.... something most of us desperately need.  

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Episode 38: Board Meetings | Top 3 Training Trends We Disagree With

Let's face it, there are some really bad ideas out there.  Myths that people cling to.  New methods of "training" that just aren't thought through.  Trends that are fun to jump into, but really aren't helping you.  

For this episode Nate and I sat down in the Red River Gorge last fall and discussed a few of these trends, particularly the ones we like the least.

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