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Episode 53: Pride or Spray? with Kerry Scott

In today's episode I sit down with Kerry Scott, an unassuming, but very badass young lady from North Carolina.  Besides coaching a youth team at Triangle Rock Club, Kerry is a crusher.  And she's not ashamed to "spray" a little.  And you all know that I'm definitely not afraid to spray, and I appreciate it when others buck the norm.  

I've spent time in North Carolina, and I know that the south and east in particular can sometimes be a place where you're encouraged not to "spray", and I think that is often unfortunate.  I agree that just puffing up to talk about yourself isn't helpful to anyone, but there is a fine line between spray and pride, and I think that Kerry did a beautiful job navigating that with the ascent of her first 14a, Proper Soul. We talk about why she put it out there, and what that's meant to her.  We also talk about her support system, and how important it is to have that.

Decide for yourself what's appropriate, but don't let others tell you not to be proud of yourself.

And damn it, tell the world about it if that's what you want to do.

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Episode 52: Common Climbing Injuries with Allison Stowers

In this episode Nate and I sit down with Allison Stowers, a Chattanooga climber and physical therapist. We discuss the climber injuries that Allison most often sees in her clinic... shoulders and hip region injuries.  How to self diagnose, when you should see a doctor,  what to do about it, and most important, how to prevent it.  

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Episode 51: Finger Health with Dr. Lisa Erickson

Fingers are pretty important to us.  At some point, all of us will have a tweak, twinge, or injury, and we'll need to know how to deal with that.  In this episode I sit down with Dr. Lisa Erickson, and we dive deep into the methods behind dealing with finger injuries.  We talk taping, acupressure rings, voodoo floss, ultrasound, self diagnosis, and more.  

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Episode 50: A Coaching Masterclass with Lantien Chu

Lantien Chu is a smiling fountain of wisdom.  She's also coach of the Lander Tigers high school swim team, which has won 21 consecutive state titles.  Most important, she's an exceptional human.  

Wait... 21 consecutive state titles?  Yes, and the team does it without ever cutting a swimmer, including some who can't swim when they join the team.  

That seems like a lot of pressure to endure, year after year, particularly if you're a 16 or 17 year old student.  I needed to know how she coached her team, how her team responds, and if any of those lessons could be applicable to climbing.  

Turns out they all are.  They're also applicable to being an exceptional human.  

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Episode 49: A Better Strip of Wood with Tension Climbing

Tension Climbing makes wood climbing holds.  Why wood?  That's exactly what I wanted to know.  I've long known that I'm a fan of climbing on wood, and I have my reasons, but I've never put even remotely close to as much thought into it as the guys at Tension have.  

I sat down with Will Anglin and Ben Spannuth to discuss their products, the reason behind their shapes, what their favorites are, and more.  They just released two new hangboards... The Grindstone and The Grindstone Pro.  If you're in the market, you want one (or both) of these.  Trust me.  We go in depth on these two boards, their brilliant travel/warmup board, The Flash Board, their campus rungs, and even touch on their upcoming Tension Board.  I had to stop Will from saying too much... he's just so excited.  

Tension is giving you guys a discount!  15% off of any regularly priced item in their shop.  Simply use the code powercompany at checkout.   

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