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Ep. 102: Q and A with Steve Bechtel, Neely Quinn, Dr. Tyler Nelson, Charlie Manganiello, and Kelly Drager

Today's episode is a question and answer session from our Performance Climbing Coach Seminar, recorded live in Columbia, MD. On our final day the participants asked questions of our presenters, including Steve Bechtel and Charlie Manganiello from Climb Strong, Neely Quinn from TrainingBeta, Tyler Nelson from Camp 4 Human Performance, and Kelly Drager from the Canadian Climbing Team. 

Our next seminar is happening October 10-12 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Use the code KRIS100 for $100 off!

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Ep. 101: Board Meetings | Top 5 Ways Your Gym is Holding You Back

Don't get us wrong... we LOVE gyms. And if your only goal is to be as good as you can in your gym, then you can skip this episode. However, if you want to be prepared for the outdoors, then this episode will be important for you. 

Gyms are businesses and have to operate as such. They make prudent decisions that are beneficial for them as businesses, but aren't necesarily good for you as a rock climber. 

In this episode Nate and I discuss the Top 5 decisions that gyms make (often from necessity) that are holding you back from your outdoor goals. 

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We don't tweet. We scream like eagles. 

Ep. 100: How to Weekend Warrior with Kris Hampton, Hosted by Nate Drolet

We're flipping the script for our 100th (!!!) episode. Nate takes over the host mic, and I do my best to let him lead the conversation. After being at the helm so many conversations, it's hard for me to relinquish that role.

In this episode we talk about my years of Weekend Warrioring, and how to climb hard while also being dedicated to a career and family. We dig into how many hours of training it takes and how to make that happen. We also get into how the recent changes in my life and situation have changed how I have to look at my climbing. 

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We don't tweet. We scream like eagles. 

Ep. 99: Setting For the Future with Tonde Katiyo

I've heard Tonde Katiyo described as a ninja, a samurai, Buddha and Yoda, among other ethereal, higher level beings. Though Tonde is definitely a human, those descriptions aren't necessarily wrong. 

In conversation it's quickly evident that Tonde has put quite a bit of thought and care into his craft. He approaches it with both a pragmatism and creativity that often don't exist together. Partly because of this juxtaposition, many in the routesetting industry seem to look to Tonde for their cues, and he doesn't give answers lightly.

Instead, he asks questions. 

Tonde and I sat down at the Climbing Wall Association Summit to discuss his vision for setting... both present and future. We dig into his ideas concerning circuits, the RIC (risk, intensity, complexity) Scale, the silent partnership between climber and setter, and art versus design. 

If you came here looking for answers, you may not find them. What you will likely find are more questions. According to Tonde Katiyo, those may be the best answers of all. 

For the photo of Tonde with Yoda ears and holding planets in his hands, as well as links to his instagram and videos, visit us at The Episode Page

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We don't tweet. We scream like eagles. 

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