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Ep. 128: Mentorship with Dru Mack and Lee Smith

In this episode I sit down for an emotional conversation with my good friends Dru Mack and Lee Smith about the interesting topic of mentorship. How it starts, what it means, and what happens when the student surpasses the teacher. 

Some say that mentorship is dying. I'm not sure that's true, though mentors are definitely outnumbered by new climbers. As such, it's evolving into something entirely different. Dru and Lee's relationship has straddled these changes, and has evolved into something totally new. Something that while it may not look the same on the outside, has to be founded in trust and direction. 

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Ep. 127: Thoughtful Process with Sam Elias

Sam Elias really needs no introduction. He's one of America's top sport climbers, so it's likely you've heard of him. While some climbers cultivate an image that is extremely shallow and limited, it's not so with Sam. He wears his heart on his sleeve - as well as his ruminations with that fact. It's been fascinating to watch Sam openly mature in both his climbing and his approach to life, and it's no coincidence that his climbing has continued to elevate as a result. 

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Ep. 126: The Climbing Wall Association Summit with Emily Moore

I'm back in the States and back on the podcast grind. I apologize for the absence. Sort of, but not really. I was rock climbing, and that's gonna win over podcast every time. ANYWAY...

Today's guest is Emily Moore, the Events Manager for the Climbing Wall Association. Last spring I attended the CWA Summit and was blown away by the event. It's what I always hoped Outdoor Retailer would be, but never was. It was not only a networking and meeting space, but also a place for learning from other experts in the industry and for hearing about emerging ideas and conversations. 


Emily has a passion for making all of this happen, and she's very good at it. How she does it all so elegantly, I have no idea, but it happens. 

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