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Blake Cason, MS | Wellness and Habits for Climbing Performance

August 3, 2021

Climbing has never been a purely physical pursuit. Even if that is the initial draw, climbing has a way of pulling your mental and emotional states in, utilizing and amplifying them, and ultimately, if you arrive with awareness, helping you understand those states better. All while we get to try as absolutely hard as we want to. Beautiful.

In this episode I get the opportunity to sit down with Blake Cason and discuss the intersection of our climbing and the rest of our lives, and how our habits and lifestyle off the wall can affect our performance on the wall.

Blake is a climber and great conversationalist who holds a Master’s degree in Health Behavior and Education, is founder of Pivot Wellness, where she is available for Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching, and an expert in habit setting.

Blake is also one of the founders of ClimbWell, a retreat dedicated to the intersection of rock climbing, wellness, and intentional life design. Their latest retreat offering (in RIFLE!!) is open for registration, and you can use the code POWER10 for 10% off!

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