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Ep. 132: A Business for the People with Dave Chancellor and Yusuf Daneshyar of Climb SoiLL

June 3, 2019

Every week I get emails asking about how to start a small business in the climbing space. While I do my best to answer these questions, I also have many of my own. Dave and Yusuf, along with Dave's brother Dan, are some of the people I turn to when I have those questions - or just for short chats that I always walk away from with several important ideas. 

Climb SoiLL is opening a new gym, and as a community based business, I wanted to know how that process has been - as well as the building of a business successful enough to expand in the first place. 

I sit down with Dave and Yusuf the morning after an exciting and packed SoiLL Showdown to talk through the building of a business and a loyal community. 

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