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Ep. 138: Endurance Climbing with Dru Mack

July 31, 2019

Honorary co-host Dru Mack is back in the building, and this time we're talking about what might be Dru's bread and butter - endurance climbing. We both learned to climb in the Red River Gorge, an area famous for it's steep, pumpy climbing, so we both think we're experts on the subject, and we both believe that many of today's coaches are getting it wrong. 

We're also, concurrently with this episode, dropping a training program that Dru and I have spent the last week building specifically for people who are going to be heading to the Red River Gorge - though it can be useful for trips to anywhere with the same pumpy style. Red River Pump Prep is an 8 week online group training program, complete with video descriptions for each workout as well as a group chat with both Dru and I for the duration of the plan. There are only 25 spots available! You can find out more at

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