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Ep. 141: Is It Really A Plateau? with Lee Cujes

September 4, 2019

Sometimes you're improving, but the grades don't reflect that. Does that mean you're on a forever plateau? 

In this episode I sit down in the Red River Gorge with Aussie legend Lee Cujes  - really just to learn more about him. We didn't have a specific direction we wanted to go when we sat down. I just knew I should turn the mic on and ask him questions. 

Besides being always stoked for climbing and training, Lee also has an incredible outlook on progression and doing it his way. An outlook that a lot of us could take a piece away from to improve our own. 

To learn more about Lee and his history, be on the lookout for an Enormocast episode coming soon and listen to this excellent episode from Aussie podcast Baffle Days. 

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