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Episode 62: The Gnarly Line with Dr. Shannon O’Grady

October 13, 2017

The final episode with the Gnarly folks is one I had to talk them into.  They wanted to educate, and I wanted to educate you all about what they have available. So we did both.

In this episode Shannon and I discuss the products that Gnarly Nutrition offers. They've got a great line of products that many of you will find useful. Even if you still aren't a supplement person, you may learn something about why supplements are so popular.  After using their products myself, I certainly can understand the convenience.  I mean, you people are fiends, and that makes me ridiculously busy. So sometimes, I need the convenience.  

If you want to try Gnarly, go to and use the code POWERUP20 for 20% off of your order.  

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