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Episode 64: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset with Trevor Ragan

November 6, 2017

Growth Mindset has recently become a hot topic in the world of sports, and for good reason. Mindset, which can be greatly affected by the feedback you give or receive, is key to learning and performance. Trevor Ragan is one of the most well versed in the science of learning and how mindset affects it, and he's out there working with teams, coaches, teachers, and businesses to actually apply the science.

Trevor is the founder of Train Ugly, a group dedicated to sharing the science behind mindset, feedback, and the learning process, and how it relates to performance.  I highly suggest you visit Train Ugly online and spend time watching their excellent videos or reading their material.  It'll be time well spent.  

During our conversation, Trevor gave me a great list of resources where we can learn more about these topics.  If you buy through our links at, we get a small percentage from Amazon (it doesn't raise your prices) to help support the podcast.

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