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Episode 19: Board Meetings | Top 3 Things We’ve Changed Our Minds About


So many Bonus Episodes!!! In this one, Nate and I sit down to discuss the Top 3 Things We've Changed Our Minds About. Fact is, if you still believe all of the same things you believed last year, then you're probably fucking up. Growth comes at the expense of shedding old ideas, and embracing new ones.  Not all old ideas are bad, and not all new ideas are good.  You've got to weed them out, and of course, sometimes you're just plain wrong.  

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Episode 18: V11 to 5.11 with Carrie Cooper

In this episode I have a really great conversation with V11 boulderer, mom, and Physical Therapist Carrie Cooper.  She's set big goals for her sport climbing... but 5.11 is still difficult for her.  Not physically, but it's hard nonetheless.  We walk through her process, how she deals with the ego, and talk about what she's learning.  Carrie takes a really smart approach to her fears... one that we can all learn from.  

As a special addition to this episode, I also talk with Carrie's coach, Dan Mirsky, about the his perspective on Carrie's situation and progress.

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Episode 17: Process vs. Goal Based Motivation with Arno Ilgner


In Episode 17 I sit down with mental training guru Arno Ilgner of The Warriors Way.  Most of us recognize The Warriors Way as a way to get over the fear of falling, but it's so much more.  Athletes of all levels can benefit hugely from what Arno and I discuss during this podversation... the differences between being motivated by goals and being motivated by process.  We go into depth with his process, and talk a little about work he's done recently with pro climber Heather Weidner during her campaign to send Simply Read (13d).  I have a feeling you're going to walk away from this one wanting more, and I plan on delivering just that.  

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Episode 16: Always “Siked” with Dru Mack


For our first bonus episode, we sit down for a much needed podversation to remind us that climbing and training should be fun.  Stoke is high with Dru Mack, and even though he comes about it naturally, we dig into how he brings that good energy, how he chooses partners that aren't energy suckers, and what being a good partner means.  

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Episode 15: Board Meetings | Top 3 Ways We’ve Invested in Ourselves


In this episode of the Board Meetings, Nate and I have a late night discussion about the top 3 ways we've invested in ourselves.  That could be monetarily, emotionally, with time.... however, as long as it's an investment into bettering ourselves.  A few surprising answers here!

This episode marks the beginning of the 2 month weekly drops... you get an episode a week from now until the end of the year!

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