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Ep. 135: Working For It with Anna Davey

The first of the Oz Tapes! In this episode I sit down with Anna Davey, a professional climber from Perth, Western Australia. Anna has a healthy following on social media, and as a result, gets her fair share of haters. But I know that's only a tiny part of the story - one that starts with a big dream and a lot of hard work. Anna puts in that work and is living her dream. 

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You can listen to a great podcast episode with her at Baffle Days Podcast. 

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Ep. 134: Board Meetings | Should You Train Full Crimp and Pockets?

Nate and I aren't always in the same place, but we still want to talk about things. So this is going to be a new, ongoing format - short board meetings done remotely. We plan to discuss current events, hot topics, training ideas - whatever. Could be damn near anything. 

In this episode we discuss an often argued about aspect of training - Should you or shouldn't you train the full crimp and pocket grips? 

If you're in the Houston area and want to sign up for the Beginner clinics at Momentum Silver Street, you can do that HERE. 

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We don't tweet. We scream like eagles. 

Ep. 133: Board Meetings | EMPOWERED

Created by the coaches of Power Company Climbing, "EMPOWERED: A Bouldering Intensive" is a 3 day bouldering seminar aimed to provide the self-coached climber with the tools and tactics needed to construct effective training plans, analyze their own movement, track measurable progress, and engage a productive mental approach when bouldering.

Where: Crux Conditioning, Chattanooga, TN
When: December 13-15, 2019
Fri: 10am - 6pm
Sat: 8am - 6pm
Sun: 8am - 2pm


You can register at

It's gonna fill up fast - get in now!

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We don't tweet. We scream like eagles. 

Ep. 132: A Business for the People with Dave Chancellor and Yusuf Daneshyar of Climb SoiLL

Every week I get emails asking about how to start a small business in the climbing space. While I do my best to answer these questions, I also have many of my own. Dave and Yusuf, along with Dave's brother Dan, are some of the people I turn to when I have those questions - or just for short chats that I always walk away from with several important ideas. 

Climb SoiLL is opening a new gym, and as a community based business, I wanted to know how that process has been - as well as the building of a business successful enough to expand in the first place. 

I sit down with Dave and Yusuf the morning after an exciting and packed SoiLL Showdown to talk through the building of a business and a loyal community. 

You can learn more about the new gym and see the announcement video mentioned in the episode at

You can visit the original Power Plant location at

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We don't tweet. We scream like eagles. 


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